Monday, October 5, 2015

Happy Birthday Everly Sandra!

Today my first baby, Everly, turns 4 years old! It has been a fast and wonderful 4 years. Three got a little crazy for a bit (threenager) but we really are lucky to have ended up with such a sweet and funny girl. She is learning so much now that she is in full-time preschool and it is so fun to watch her grow. She is a great big sister and cousin as well. She is really growing into a smart and independent little girl and we just love her. I tend to extend the birthday celebrations so for Everly it started last Friday with treats at preschool. I went at lunch and it was fun to see her in her class. Yesterday we had her official party at Peter Piper Pizza and then today being her actual birthday we are taking her to pick out a doll tonight which should be a lot of fun. Happy Birthday, Everly!

From Friday at Preschool
1 day old in the hospital.

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