Friday, October 9, 2015

American Girl Store

On Monday, Everly's actual 4th birthday, we met my mom and sisters at the American Girl Store in Scottsdale to get Everly a present. I know it seems sort of young to get such an expensive gift, but I was planning on splitting it with my mom and sisters (Mom!) and also I would rather her have it longer and be able to enjoy it longer vs. waiting till she is older and only playing with it for a couple of years. We were going to kind of let her decide which doll she wanted but I did push her towards the regular Truly Me doll so that she can eventually get lots of accessories for it. The store is really fun if you get a chance to go. They have a salon and a bistro and so many fun items for your doll. I can't wait to get Everly a matching outfit with her doll because when we were little we had matching pajamas for our dolls. Everly walked out with a doll, a couple of accessories and outfits, and a kitty for her doll. Her doll also got her ears pierced at the salon thanks to Grandma. She took her doll to school on Tuesday to show her class and it went well. The doll came back in perfect condition thanks to her teachers! I can't wait to see all of the fun she has with her doll over the years!


IMG_0524 IMG_0522
the cutest store!
IMG_3931 IMG_3937
We should have used Mae instead of Aspen as a bitty baby...
are you surprised Krystyn did this to her baby?
No we are not getting you this adorable diner set up.
Not getting your doll a horse either...
IMG_3954 IMG_0525
Happy little family!

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