Monday, October 19, 2015

Columbus Day Zoo Day

Last Monday I had the day off from work so decided to take Aspen to the Zoo. Everly still had school so we dropped her off and then met my sister and brother-in-law at the Zoo (after picking up donut holes, of course). Unfortunately, it was still really warm. We should have brought bathing suits so the kids could splash. Aspen wanted to walk everywhere. She is doing really well, but the Zoo is big and her tiny legs don't cover ground very fast so we had to bribe her with donuts to sit in the stroller for a little bit. We also took advantage of the giraffe encounter since we were close to it when they do the feeding. They are pretty cool animals and I was totally a wimp about touching the tongue. Aspen wasn't into it much but Ted, Mae, and Cameron enjoyed it. We also got to see the baby Orangutan which is now a year old. It is soooooo cute. We had a fun morning but I am definitely ready for the cooler zoo temps!
little walker
IMG_0738 IMG_0741
giraffe feeding
IMG_0779 IMG_0786
matching hello apparel shirts
IMG_0790 IMG_0795
baby orangutan and sting rays
IMG_0803 IMG_0806
And here is the video from the giraffe feeding:

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