Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Everly's 4 Year Pictures

Everly really turned it on for her 4 year pictures. We bought her a cute little outfit a couple of days before at Target and she already had these boots and it turned out great. She loves to wear her hair down so she was excited about that as well. She did get a little sassy at the end, but for the most part she loved posing for the pictures. I love her cheesy little smile and I am also very freaked out by how tall/older she looks in some of these pictures. She did pretty good at listening to directions from Jamie and helping when her sister got a little fussy (and we may have bribed her with treats). Do whatever works, haha! Here are some of my favorites of Everly:

IMG_0842 IMG_0841

IMG_0844 IMG_0846

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