Sunday, October 25, 2015

St. Luke's Carnival 2015

Is it clear yet how much we loooooove fall??? There is just so much to do once it is finally not a million degrees out! The past couple of years we have really enjoyed going to the St. Luke's Carnival so we went again last Saturday night. Here is my post from last year. It is at a Catholic Church walking distance from my sister's house and the kids have a blast! I love getting some Carnival food (fry bread, funnel cake) so it is a win-win for everyone. It seemed like it was going to rain again but it didn't so that was good. Between our group that went we won 3 goldfish and I believe 2 of them died within 24 hours. Everly named hers "Jackie" and I have no idea why. Jackie died and Everly doesn't believe me. Anyways, we were a little bummed that they didn't have the bumblebee ride but the carousel was a little better this year so that was cool. Someone threw up while the kids were on the teacup ride and it was disgusting but the kids had no idea. They totally would have stared if they had seen it. Everly loved having her buddy Riley at the carnival with her. Aspen enjoyed 90% of the carousel, and to be honest, it was a long ride so I am pretty proud of her. She wanted to walk everywhere again but did pretty good. If you like going to the state fair, this carnival is really dinky but it is perfect for us and for taking the kids so we love it. Can't wait to go again next year!

IMG_0976 IMG_1003
that fry bread was what dreams are made of, 4 amigos on motorcycles
IMG_1012 IMG_1009
besties and brothers
Even Mae got in on the action.
IMG_1063 IMG_1051 IMG_1048 IMG_1037
Here is a video from the night and you have to pay special attention to the end when Justin took the kids on the adventure course. Ted wanted out.
See you next year, St. Luke's!

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