Friday, October 24, 2014

St. Luke's Carnival

Last weekend we went to a carnival at the catholic church by my sister's house. We went 2 years ago and had a lot of fun (except for when Justin threw up). My sister also went last year and so we were all excited to go this year. My sister bought tickets in advance at the church so it was a lot cheaper and we all ate dinner before going so that saved money as well. My sister actually lives so close that they walked there but since we were meeting them we drove. It is totally a low budget carnival and not super clean or fancy by any means but it is fun for the kids. Everly was excited just at the thought of going there. She got her face painted again when we got there. That's her new obsession now. She got her face painted 3 times in the last week at different events. The kids were actually able to go on their own rides this year which was also a lot of fun. It is so cute to watch them on rides together. Everly even went on this bumblebee ride all by herself. She loved it! We ate some funnel cake, played some games and my sister took home some goldfish (I think one is still alive). Aspen slept the whole time but it was a really fun night and I am glad we went (although I do wish is was not in a dirt lot because it is so dusty and there are a lot of smokers).

couldn't be happier!
IMG_0308 IMG_0310

good baby Aspen
getting some goldfish
Krystyn's face cracks me up. 
great steering skills, Everly
IMG_1786 IMG_0365

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