Thursday, October 23, 2014

Touch A Truck

Last Saturday morning we headed to south Glendale just outside the Cardinals Stadium to attend a free event called Touch a Truck. My sister had heard about it and my nephew is obsessed with trucks so she invited us to go. It was put on by the Empire Cat company and the City of Glendale and it was pretty awesome. It was all setup in the parking lot and there were lots of different types of trucks there. Everly loved sitting in them and honking the horns. She also loved pressing all of the buttons and switches in the cars. There were lots of horns being honked constantly but they spaced everything out in the parking lot so there were definitely areas that were less loud. They also had free ear plugs. The area with the construction trucks had dirt for the kids to practice digging and Everly liked that a lot as well. Teddy loved seeing the garbage truck or as he calls it "yuck truck." Cameron loved sitting on the city bus and we think it was because it was air boy. I don't know who came up with this, but it was great and everyone working there was super nice. Days like this make me glad we live in a big city with such cool free events!


IMG_1720 IMG_1739



This one is in a fire truck. 
Oh Ted

IMG_1744 IMG_0277

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