Monday, October 13, 2014

Everly's 3rd Birthday

Just over a week ago we celebrated Everly's 3rd Birthday at the Mccormick Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale. We wanted to do something simple for her birthday because we have a newborn and we just threw a baptism party the weekend before but we still wanted to make her feel special so this park was the perfect idea. She had been telling everyone for weeks we were going to the train park for her party. Also, entry to the park is free and they have lots of free picnic tables and grills which makes it very affordable. The train rides and carousel cost a couple bucks but it is not that bad and there are free playgrounds as well. I have posted about our trips to this park before here and here. All of Justin's family came out as well as most of mine. Everyone helped out and the day went great. It was still warm out but totally comfortable in the shade. Everly was spoiled with lots of toys including the disney suitcase she has been dying for. Every year birthdays become more and more fun as she really gets into everything and understands more. It really is so much fun to see her have a good time. Happy Birthday Everly!

We started off the birthday morning at home with her favorite chocolate donuts and her present from us, a calico critters dollhouse. 
  IMG_1666 IMG_1672  

Riding with Aunt Katy and Alex
IMG_1677 IMG_1680
The Rohr Boys and Ashie



IMG_9628 IMG_9625
Carouself with my girls

Birthday Girl! 
  IMG_1692 IMG_1698
Her face while opening presents was spot-on. Can't wait for Christmas! 

Doesn't every 3 year old want a suitcase for their birthday?!?

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