Thursday, October 30, 2014

Salt River Fields Balloon Spooktacular

Last Friday night we headed to Scottsdale for the Salt River Fields Ballon Spooktacular. My sisters had gone to it last year and so we decided to join this year. It was also an early opportunity to practice wearing costumes and trick or treating so that was nice. For the most part the festival has lots of food vendors and tents and then a bunch of hot air balloons blown up in the middle of a field. The kids can go trick or treating by walking up to the balloon baskets and there are also some balloons that are tethered if you want to pay for a ride (we did not, although I have ridden on a hot air balloon before when I was like 10). It is CRAZY busy at this place. Like, I am kind of embarrassed how long we waited in line for ice cream. Everly loved trick or treating and loved the balloons and there were some good food vendors (I had the most amazing garlic fries, ever) but I don't think we will be going back. We got there early, but Justin arrived later and it took him forever to park because they have a crappy parking situation. We also walked up to a couple of balloons that had no candy and there was still a couple hours left. The admission didn't really get you much...everything inside cost extra. I don't regret going and my sister's bought our tickets on a groupon so they were cheap, but I just don't think it is worth the effort. Maybe we will try the zoo halloween festival next year. At least the kids had fun and Everly got some practice for tomorrow! 

Everly as a ballerina and Aspen in her skeleton jammies that were Everly's and barely fit Aspen.

IMG_1808 IMG_0590_2

Everly and Uncle Tony

My mom and sister handmade these little UPS man costumes. 



IMG_1814 IMG_1815
My niece Hailey with her son Remi as Donald Duck. 

Teddy was scared. 
The tethered balloons. 

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