Friday, October 17, 2014

1 Month Update


Yesterday Aspen turned 1 month old. Crazy, right?!? It has been a very good month. Aspen has been doing great. She is nursing well and also takes a bottle once a day so I can pump and workout/run. She has also been sleeping really well. Depending on when her last feeding is she usually sleeps until 4 or 5 am (last night she gave me 6 hours of sleep). We probably need to start transitioning her to her crib soon. I think she had a growth spurt earlier this week because she was hungry every 2 hours but other than that she usually goes 3-4 hours. She is smiling a lot now and making such great eye contact. I think I even got a little cooing this morning...but she does have to poop so that might have been because of that, haha. She loves her papa and her sister and she love, love, loves being carried in her Solly Baby Wrap. I like having her in their, too! In this past month, Aspen had her first trip to the zoo, her first trip to the train park and her first carousel ride. She celebrated her sister's 3rd birthday and was baptized in the catholic church. We took newborn pictures as a family and she has also made it to a couple of library story times and her first Octoberfest. Looking forward to another great month!

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