Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall Zoo Trip

This was at the end of our trip. Aspen is hungry and Teddy is crying because Cam smacked him, haha. 
Last Friday we made our fist fall zoo trip and Aspen's first trip to the zoo. I say "fall" but it was still pretty warm and they still had the splash pads running. We met my sister and the boys there and my brother-in-law came along to help which was awesome. We were still outnumbered by babies but he helped a lot! We totally discovered a bird exhibit that I have never been through before as well and Teddy even crossed the ropes and tried to join the exhibit. We got some good use out of the double bob stroller and had a great time at the zoo..although, it was super busy. We normally go early in the morning but this day we went right before lunch and it was crazy. We think it was because a lot of schools were on fall break and it was a holiday weekend. Everything was fine once we got in the park because as members we don't wait in line for tickets, but the parking lot was packed! Everything definitely takes longer with 2 kids and is much more complicated, but that is why I am so glad that I have a big family and I live by them because we wouldn't be able to do half as much as we do without them! Here are some pics from our day:

IMG_9781 IMG_9783

Aspen in her pre-blowout monkey outfit and then 2 monkey toddlers hanging out! 

IMG_9807 IMG_9790

Really working on her "cheese" game! 

crazy...all the time! 
IMG_9818 IMG_9822

Lunch at the zoo. Evie takes it very seriously. 

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