Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Craft Day #2

So painting seems like it is going to be a trend with us for craft day...and fall themes (my craft this week is painting again and a fall theme too). Last week my sister set up some painting of bats. She used clothespins holding cotton balls to dip in the paint and then had some bats taped on to construction paper. The kids sponged the paint all over the construction paper in a few different colors. When they were all dry we ripped off the bats and it left the shape of the bat which kind of looks like a shadow. It is actually really cute and the kids love painting. It can be messy but of course it is all washable and my sister has smocks so that helps too. Normally I am like what do I do with all of this handmade art, but it actually works as really good decoration for halloween so I am loving it! Hopefully this week goes well again!

This is the 30 seconds that they weren't fighting over the same plate of paint. 

IMG_0543_2 IMG_0541_2


the finished product

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