Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Craft Day #1

During my time on maternity leave I want to make it productive for Everly as well so I asked my sister if we could alternate doing a craft/educational activity each week. She is/was a teacher so obviously she has lots of ideas and knowledge about all of this stuff. Last week we had our first craft day at my house. I had been pinning a lot of ideas on pinterest but I didn't want to overwhelm myself on the first week, especially since I figured I would have to nurse at some point. I decided to make some pumpkin play doh ahead of time so that they could play with it  while we traced their hand on a green sheet of paper. Then we would paint pumpkins on paper plates and the green hand would be used as the "leaf." I know it is not anything crazy or genius, but like I said, I didn't want to overwhelm myself. My sister obviously helped a lot and everything went really well. The play doh smelled awesome and was really easy to make the night before. It is completely edible too which is good because Teddy definitely put it in his mouth. The kids loved painting and the plates came out very cute. Everly's makes the perfect addition to our halloween mantle. Hopefully we stick with it and have several more craft days before I go back to work!

A little Mickey never hurt during craft time
That is flour from the play doh on his mouth. 
party pooper
They are so serious! 


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