Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Home Depot Kids Workshop: October 2015

It is no secret we are fans of the Free Kids Workshops at Home Depot. You can check out some of our other projects here. We missed some in the summer but did not want to miss out on the first fall project. This project was building a fire truck and it was finally not 1 million degrees out, yay! This day they also had a bounce house, a fire truck for the kids to tour and a sheriff's truck as well. Cameron and Everly both loved the bounce house. Teddy is still not that into it but he had fun painting. To be honest, the dads still do a lot of the construction, but the kids have fun so it's all worth it. Best part is its FREE! If you don't already take advantage of this in your area you should definitely look into it.

bounce house fun!
IMG_0389 IMG_0413 IMG_0399 IMG_0420
these two!

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