Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Weekend in Review

Last weekend the weather started to really warm up. It worked out well for our plans Friday night. We headed out to Scottsdale Quarter to enjoy their Spring Movies at the Quarter. Last Friday night it was Finding Dory. They cover the splashpad and there are little patches of grass that you can set up chairs/blankets on. My sister picked up pizza on the way and it was a lot of fun. The kids probably ran around more than actually watched the movie but that's the best kind of situation for them. On Saturday morning I got up early and ran 6 miles to my sister's house and then we ran 4 miles to go get bagels because I wanted to get in a long run. The weather was great and I ran in a tank top at 4:30 in the AM. Can't complain. Saturday Everly had a soccer game. She didn't score six goals but she did do well. Sunday morning I had a soccer game and then was pooped the rest of the day because that sun makes you tired. We went to my sister's for dinner Sunday night and the kids played around with water balloons and the water table. We may have to hit up a splash pad next weekend! It is pretty hot here in the summer but at least we don't have to deal with the snow that the east coast is getting right now!
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One of the best times of the year in AZ.
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Everly has a fan club. 
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These kids are nuts. 

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