Monday, March 27, 2017

Weekend in Review

We lucked out again with some great AZ spring weather. On Saturday morning I slept in a little but still got up and got in an 8-mile run before 8 AM. The weather was perfect and overcast. Justin got some yard work done while I was cleaning in the kitchen Saturday morning and we thought the girls were playing nicely upstairs. Turns out Aspen was getting into her sister's nail polish. My girls really love makeup just as much as me. Everly had a soccer game Saturday afternoon and killed it! She worked really hard and scored 6 or 7 goals. She was so happy! Saturday night Justin took Everly to see the Phoenix Rising soccer team play. Since they were having their own little date night, Aspen and I had our own, too. We went to the mall with Grandma and then to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend after. I was wearing Aspen in the sling and she was the sweetest little cuddler. I love her so much. Grandma treated her to a new "punzel" plush (Rapunzel). On Sunday I took the girls grocery shopping and then Everly came with me to my soccer game before we headed to my sister's for dinner. The kids ended the night with some water balloon fun. Spring break is over and we are back to school this week so hopefully the transition goes smoothly!
Untitled Untitled Perfect overcast morning for a run
love my canal runs
Untitled Untitled
she actually got a lot on her nails.
soccer star!
Untitled Untitled
soccer date and mall date
Untitled Untitled Untitled
Crazy kids!

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