Monday, April 3, 2017

Weekend in Review

The weekend was so good I had to take an extra day. You know when sometimes you just need an extra day and I earned my leave time so I took an extra day today. Anyways, the weekend started off with a long run Saturday morning for me. Saturday was April 1st and I really just like to start the month of good, ya know? Also, I won't be able to run next weekend since I will be in Vegas for my soccer tournament. I wanted to change up the scenery a little so I parked my car by the mall and ran the New River Trail System. It was a beautiful morning and surprisingly quiet out there. I only saw a couple runners at the end of my run. Saturday was pretty busy. We headed to Home Depot for the April Workshop which I will post about tomorrow. We went straight from there to Desert Ridge to take free pictures with the Easter Bunny. Those surprisingly turned out okay and I will share them later this week. After that we fed the girls lunch before going to Everly's soccer game. Luckily the weather was great and she scored 3 goals. I was pooped after that but had to get new tires on my car. Yay! After my car was done we headed to church and went straight from there to my sister's boyfriend's graduation party. The kids loooove my sister's boyfriend and his family so they had a blast over there. It was a packed Saturday for us so we were exhausted by the time we got home. Sunday morning we headed downtown for the NCAA Final Four Fan Fest. It was pretty busy but we got in free and an hour early and the kids had fun so it was worth it. I will post a video about it later this week. We were hungry by the time we got out and since we were downtown we tried somewhere we haven't been before. We went to The Stand in Arcadia for burgers and a shake and it was super yummy. We got home and relaxed a little before heading over to my sister's for dinner to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday. Gone are the weekends where we just hang around and do nothing! Always something going on!
More Spring!
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Aspen with her hand around my neck! Love her!
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