Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Easter Bunny Pictures 2017

This past weekend we took advantage of the free Easter Bunny Pictures at Desert Ridge. Last year Aspen cried bloody murder (HERE) so we had been trying to prepare her better this year. She is actually kind of obsessed with bunnies and calls them all "bunny hops" like Judy Hops from Zootopia. We were showing her pictures of the Easter Bunny and talking about giving them high fives. When the Easter Bunny came out she was okay and waving hi but then when it was actually our turn to take the picture, she lost it. Like, really lost it. She was flailing and trying to get down and screaming for Justin. There was no way I would be able to get her to sit  near the bunny but somehow I convinced her to stand next to Everly and hold her hand. We also take pictures a lot so I just kept saying cheese and she started smiling and we were able to get a couple of pretty darn good shots. You would have no idea by looking at these pictures how she melted down right before.

DisplayImage-1.ashx DisplayImage-3.ashx
Admittedly, the bunny is kind of creepy.

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