Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weekend in Review

Last weekend was warm but good. After Justin and I finished Pat's Run we met my mom and sister at home where they were watching the girls. We all headed to Everly's last soccer game of the season. It was HOT out and the other team was really good. She was a little bummed after because she knew she lost but then she got a medal and was all happy again. She really had a great season and hopefully continues to learn. She will have one more final pizza party next week but other than that we are done. After her soccer game we were all pretty beat and kept it very chill Saturday night with a dinner at home and a movie. Everly stayed up and watched all of Mamma Mia! and is now obsessed with it. She's nuts! On Sunday we got some grocery shopping done and then met my nephews at the splash pad. Aspen was more interested in looking at the fishing lake and Everly took a while to warm up but it was a fun afternoon and a great way to burn some energy. Also, they got the most adorable new Moana swim suits so we had to put them into action. Sunday night we had dinner at my sister's to wrap up the weekend and I made my headband that I am going to wear at the Derby party in a couple of weeks.
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Too cool
this girl!

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so cute!
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love the butterflies but thinking I maybe should put them on a hat instead!!!

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