Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Home Depot Workshop: April 2017

This month's workshop was an Easter themed project to build and paint an Easter basket so we decided it would be a good first project for Aspen to do. She was slightly distracted because the Home Depot we went to was handing out bags of freshly popped popcorn and that is Aspen's weakness. Girl loves her popcorn. Justin was able to build her Easter basket pretty quickly so she could get right into painting so she ended up doing pretty good. She has some odd color choices but I cleaned it up a little so it was at least completely painted. Everly did a great job with her hammering and I convinced her to stick with pastel colors so hers turned our really cute. I need to put some candy in them and leave them out on the table for Easter. Gone are our days of just one of us going to the workshop because Aspen will need one on one attention for a long time but I am glad she can finally start collecting her pins!
Extra craft shirts were necessary because we were headed to Easter bunny pictures after this!
Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled
Why are they so perfect????
Untitled Untitled
Super cute, right?

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