Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Cardinals Training Camp 2017

On Friday since I was off we decided to head out to Cardinals Training Camp. Last year I took the girls with my brother-in-law and we had a lot of fun (HERE) so I knew I wanted to take the girls again this year. Justin was able to get off work a little early as well so he could come too. I really like taking the girls to Cardinals Training Camp for a couple of reasons. They love the Cardinals but taking them to an actual game would just be ridiculous and expensive and not worth it so this is awesome because it is completely free. Also, in the dead of summer, it is awesome to have an air conditioned activity for the kids. This year they had a little kid zone which was fun for the kids to do some football drills. Honestly they are happy just running around the stadium and snacking on popcorn while we drink a couple beers. It really is a win for everyone. My niece was also able to make it and meet us there with her son so the girls really had a great time. I would assume it is busier on the weekends but it has not been bad on Fridays so I would definitely recommend it!

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Awesome Friday afternoon
Breaking out our Cardinals gear

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