Friday, September 9, 2011

Kitty Love Friday!

 Before I started working at the Governor's office I used to work as an auditor for the AZ Department of Gaming. I traveled in that position to casinos all over the state of Arizona and that was the reason I had to find a new position once I became pregnant. I miss a lot of things about that job and some awesome people I worked with...but I do not miss traveling. I do not pack lightly and hated having to load and unload my suitcase. Plus, we weren't exactly going to exciting places, either. Some of the casino locations included Globe and Parker, AZ :( One thing I was recently reminded of though was Oscar's love for suitcases! This is an old pic of him after one of my work trips...

These are after our recent trip to New York. He just loves being on top of and inside our luggage! Wish we could have taken him with us!

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