Monday, September 5, 2011


Thursday, August 25th Justin and I arrived in NYC for a long weekend and our last vacation before Everly is born (and probably for a long time after, too). I don't think we realized how LONG it would actually seem. We had a lot of fun but were glad to come back home. The reason for the trip was my cousin's wedding and it was beautiful! Not even Hurricane Irene could ruin that day! Here are some photos from our trip...

At a Yankees game where they won 22-9 and broke a record for scoring 3 grand slams! 
In the Yankees Museum

Yancone girls plus Cameron on the train to the city. 

<--Angry husband in Central Park looking for a bathroom for his pregnant wife.

Much happier after finding a bathroom....

Husband outside the Dakota where John Lennon lived and was shot just after visiting the Strawberry Fields memorial in Central Park. 

 Doggie parking outside a restaurant in NYC!

Showing Cam stuff at the Natural History Museum.

Sister Krystyn carrying Cam  in Times Square --->
(That's Everly's moby wrap getting some breaking in!)

Husband and I outside St. Patrick's Church in Yorktown Heights, NY and my beautiful cousin Krya walking down the aisle with my Uncle!

Everly's cousin Cameron in Church during the ceremony on my sister's shoulder followed by the entire Rohr family outside the church after the ceremony. Look at his little suit!!!!

Father/Daughter Dance

My mom in the back on the far right with her 3 brothers and two sisters at the reception. 

From left to right: Sister Krystyn and boyfriend Tony, Husband Justin and I, sister Katy, sister Kim and husband Doug. (Missing from pic-- brother Kory!)

Husband and my sister's boyfriend Tony drunk and on the roof of the hotel ending the night by pointing to Hurricane Irene. Or at least, that is what they said they were doing when I found these pics on his phone the next morning! 

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