Saturday, November 5, 2011

1 Month Old!

Today Everly is 1 Month old. It went by as fast as I would have expected it to, however, I still feel like a lot has happened in this past month. She is constantly changing. The first day she was born she was pretty fussy and didn't like to be touched or moved. Now she loves to be held, and she knows how to get what she wants. (As I am typing this she starts fussing and stops once I pick her up so I guess this is getting typed with one hand). Good thing is she is not too picky about who holds her. We are still working on getting a regular sleep schedule. Some nights she does really good and others not so much. Thankfully I don't go back to work until January, so we have a little more time to work on it. She lost a decent amount of weight after birth but has been putting it back on well. She is breastfeeding pretty good now, which is nice because it means I am not tied to being around my breast pump. I also have this awesome nursing cover which makes it so easy to feed in public comfortably. She still wears newborn clothes and diapers but I don't think that will last much longer. Along with being held, there are a few other things we have noticed she loves. She loves her boppy newborn lounger. That thing has been a life saver for us. She also likes being in her car seat, whether we are going for a drive or a walk. She also loves being in the bath, and did great at her first swim class this week. She is starting to make more eye contact with us and respond to us playing with her which is a lot of fun. It definitely has not been an easy first month as parents, but we knew it would not be and it is getting better every day...and Everly just gets cuter every day too!

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