Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to my best friend!

Today is my husband Justin's birthday! He is getting old (28!) Haha. I am such a horrible wife. I decided to  get him a really nice chef's knife for his birthday so I got him a Wusthof one. I wasn't really thinking about how I put it in the bag when I wrapped it and so when he stuck his hand in the bag to open the present this morning the knife totally stabbed him! I know, I am an idiot! He was bleeding and I felt so bad! Great way to start your birthday...getting stabbed by the gift your wife got you. Anyways, he stopped bleeding and I think he really does like the knife. Tonight we are going out for sushi with his family (which I am really excited about because it is my first post-pregnancy sushi) and tomorrow we are doing breakfast with my family for his birthday. I hope he has a great day! Happy Birthday Justin!
The first birthday I celebrated with him back in 2007 @ Yardhouse! 

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