Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Play Dates

Since Justin works at a branch that is open 7 days a week. he often has a day off during the week. It does suck because that means he has to work on the weekend but it is nice to have him home during the week sometimes as well. Lately, when he is home with me, we have volunteered to babysit my nephew Cameron as well. I am not quite ready to have two little babies on my own, but when Justin is home we can handle them together. My sister and I are really lucky to live so close and have children close in age that will grow up together. They had matching halloween outfits and they have matching thanksgiving and christmas onesies. Cameron has shared some hand-me-downs with Everly, and we have shared some things with Cam that Everly can't use yet. It is really great. Plus, my sister totally spoils her son and buys him all of these awesome toys so I can't wait until Everly is old enough to play with them too! Here are a few photos from some recent play dates!

Uncle Justin and Cam

Cam with Everly's Sophie Giraffe 
Cam playing in Everly's go-pod chair!

Cam at the park in our neighborhood

Everly at the park...not as excited yet!

Cam forgot his stroller on our Friday morning walk so he jumped in with his cousin!

"Hey I'm sitting on my cousin!"

We love having Cam around. Just look at that face!!!

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