Friday, January 13, 2017

A Quick Visit from Grandpa

This week my dad was in town for a few days for work so we made an ice cream date so that we would get to see him. He was only here for a couple of days during the week and he is usually really busy with work while he is here so we tried to keep it simple and just meet for ice cream. My sister met us there as well so that he would be able to see them, too. The kids were all excited to see each other because we really don't go out much during the week. Cam was also really exited to get some ice cream and immediately sat himself down at the table upon walking in. Even Nora snuck a few bites of ice cream. Everly was an ice cream monster and basically ate an entire 2 scoop sundae BY HER SELF. Girl loves her dessert. My dad was in Japan over Christmas so we were able to give him his Christmas present as well so it was really good to see him. I am glad we were all able to meet up while he was here!
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these two love visiting with Grandpa
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the little ones
Untitled Untitled
Cam had a fun night.

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