Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Home Depot Workshop

Last Saturday was our first Home Depot Workshop of 2017. This project was a good one. Everly made a toolbox. She doesn't have any tools yet to put it in, but currently it is carrying a tiny water bottle because she said if she is working hard she will get thirsty. She also painted it purple because, girls. She was a little bummed we didn't go to the same workshop as her cousins but sometimes the weekends are so busy that it is hard to make that happen. Everly hammered in all of the nails on her project and is also getting really good at painting. I know that sounds weird but when she was younger she would either glob on too much paint and it would take FOREVER to dry or she would not use enough paint and it would be streaky and Justin or I would have to fill it in. I also love that she is not one of those kids that has to use all of the colors. She likes things simple and clean and she does a good job of getting things done fast which is why we are able to go every month. Now we just need to get her some play tools for her toolbox!
Untitled Untitled        
love how she hammers with her tongue out!
Untitled Untitled 
Thank you home depot!

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