Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Years Eve 2016!

We had a great but very tame New Years Eve. It started off with a hike with my mom and sisters. It was rainy and cloudy but very pretty. We also ran into my brother-in-law on the trail. I almost lost my new Bluetooth headphones, but luckily enough I found them at the beginning of the trail. The rest of the day we got some cleaning done around the house and then we went to my sister-in-law house for New Years Eve. She made some delicious chili and we just hung out while the girls played. Her neighbors must have bought that fireworks kit from Costco because they were lighting off a bunch in their backyard and the kids loved watching them. Everly and Aspen love to play with our niece's son Remi and he loves to play with them also so it was a great night. All kids basically stayed up until midnight, although we went home at about 11:45. Our neighbors also had a bunch of fireworks that they lit off at midnight, although we were in bed so we just listened. It is hard enough for me to even stay up that late so I am calling it a success!

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My sister and I jumping
loving the fog
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My brother-in-law running by and where I found my headphones.
Happy New Years!
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