Friday, January 20, 2017

Disney on Ice: World of Enchantment

For Christmas my mom bought the girls tickets to see Disney on Ice and the show was last night. It ended up working out well because I had Friday off from work so it didn't matter that we were out a little later than normal because I could let the girls sleep in. I met Justin after work at our usual area around 7th ave and McDowell because they have lots of food options there. We both ate at habit burger grill because we rarely eat burgers anymore. It was less than 10 minutes away from the arena and we had no trouble finding parking although there was a really long line to get in through security. I think they knew it was long though and started the show a couple of minutes late. The show included scenes from Toy Story, The Little Mermaid, Cars and Frozen so it would have been good for boys and girls. The Toy Story part ended up being kind of long. I took Everly to get a snow cone and she was like, when are the princesses coming? Toy Story has been on for hours. I was like, okay it hasn't been hours, haha, but it will be over soon. Frozen was still a huge hit. Everyone was cheering during it. Aspen was actually not feeling well but I took her to get a toy and when she heard scenes from Frozen she got all excited. Then during the Frozen scenes she fell asleep on Justin, but I am not complaining. One year we went and all she wanted to do was run around and it was difficult so while I would have rather she felt better, at least she was just chill sitting in our laps. Everly had a lot of fun and overall it was a really fun night. Here are a few pictures and a video:
Untitled Untitled
Everly was so excited for the show all week!
Lighting McQueen
All the Toys
  Untitled Untitled
Olaf and Elsa
Aspen is already feeling better today. 

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