Thursday, February 9, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday!

Super Bowl Sunday was not as exciting as it would have been if the Cardinals were playing, but Everly loved the idea that we were having a party so it was fun. I started the day with a morning hike with my mom. The weather was PERFECT. We had planned to go over to my sisters to watch the game and she set up a game for the kids. I made cookies to bring over and Justin made queso and guacamole since we were doing an appetizer night. My sister made some super yummy potato skins and the kids played while we watched the game. The half time show was really good and Everly now recognizes Lady Gaga when she is on TV. My sister had a pin the football in the posts game for the kids which they loved as well. It was a crazy game and I wanted Atlanta to win, but it was a fun Sunday. Hopefully it is the Cardinals winning next year!
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