Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A preview of the future...

Last week we had to sign some mortgage documents at a title office. My nephew Teddy (16 months) was sick so he couldn't go to daycare and my sister/mom were already going to be watching Everly in the afternoon when we were done signing so I offered to take Teddy in the morning so my sister did not have to miss another day of work. Everly had actually gotten a fever two days before of 103 and Teddy's was up over 100 the night before. Everly seemed to be doing fine and just must have gotten a 1-day thing, but Teddy was nursing a double ear infection although we wouldn't find that out until the next day. When he came over in the morning he only wanted to be held, he didn't want my dogs anywhere near him and he was just uncomfortable. It was sad. We also had a showing of our house that morning, so I had to get both of my dogs out of my house and kenneled at my sister's before heading to the title office. Maybe to those moms with several littles, this doesn't seem like a lot but for me it took a lot of planning. First, I had to make sure I got up early enough to work out and be showered so that I was ready for when my sister dropped off Teddy. I had my husband fold up the kennels and put them in my car along with another car seat for Teddy before he left for work. Then I had to load up the babies, then load up the dogs, go to my sister's, unload the dogs, unload the kennels, and then get them all settled and her house all locked back up. Justin met me at the title office and we walked into their conference room and they had a bucket of toys and I knew it was a good sign. The entire signing process ended up taking about an hour and a half. Both babies decided to poop while we were in there which didn't speed up anything, however, I really feel like we lucked out. I don't know if it was because his medicine had kicked in or what but Teddy was an angel and he seemed to actually be having fun despite his double ear infections. Everly and him were playing and he was being his little flirty self. They were both really cute and while I am fully aware of how hard it will be to have 2 kids, I think we will do a pretty good job. Not the greatest iphone pics but here are a few:


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