Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pioneer Park Splash Pad

Last Monday we took the kids to Pioneer Park Splashpad in Peoria. It was crazy packed but the kids still had fun. It seemed to attract some older kids which I was not a fan of (older kids run fast and run over little kids) and there wasn't a ton of shaded seating close (or if there was, it was taken). It is a cool park and very big and you can go fishing there too, but I am not sure it is a splashpad we will be visiting often. It wasn't far, but it is also not super close either. Regardless, the kids burned some energy off and had fun so it was worth it.

He loves watching the big kids
Solo Cups are one of the best toys to bring to a splashpad
Best part of the morning: Cam's buttcrack showing almost the whole time, haha.

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