Monday, May 5, 2014

Chidren's Musuem of Phoenix and Freddy's

On Friday night we took advantage of Free First Friday's and headed to the Children's Museum of Phoenix. It is normally kind of expensive so we love taking advantage of the free nights. When we used to come we had to take the stroller which is difficult in a 3-story museum with only 2 elevators on a busy night. It was really nice to have 3 walkers and not need the stroller (although, Teddy kind of wanted to be held the whole time because he was still sleepy). It does get very busy and can get overwhelming if you don't know what you are doing, but I think we do a good job of moving the babies through as many different exhibits as possible. I think they had fun.

After we headed to Freddy's for dinner. All 3 kids were just in heaven. Cameron literally ate the entire time we were there. He just kept eating (growth spurt??). Teddy and Everly thought they were hilarious playing with a stack of booster seats in the corner of the restaurant. Later Everly was "sharing" an ice cream cone with Grandma and decided to feed some to Teddy. We were laughing so hard watching her feed him. He had ice cream everywhere, but they were having a blast! It is no surprise that all 3 of them slept in on Sunday morning! Such a great Friday night!

On a previous trip she helped paint this castle.
Making Mother's Day cards
Learning about magnets with Grandma
Cameron tried to climb in. He was almost successful.
He has little brother/cousin syndrome. He didn't want to put the ball down because he didn't want anyone to take it.
Ice cream cone cheers. She loves to do "cheers" with everything!

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