Tuesday, January 20, 2015

4 Month Update


Last Friday Aspen turned 4 months old! Yesterday Justin and I took her to her appointment and I was telling him how she was getting her 4 month shots and he asked why we were doing them a month early. Yea, we aren't. She is actually 4 months old! Speaking of that checkup, once again, she is super tiny. I guess Everly was really small too because I really don't feel like Aspen is super tiny. She is currently 11lbs 8 oz. and still in size 1 diapers and size 3 month clothes. She is eating and sleeping fine so we are not really concerned but we will take her in next month for a weight check. She did catch a little cold from her sister last month as well as getting a slight fever from the shots yesterday, but other than that she has been great. She has really started to become super chatty in the last week also. She is doing very good in swim class still and last month she had her first trip to Disney on Ice. She loved all of the lights and did great. She also took her first trip to the Children's Museum and was great there as well. We started putting her in the bumbo for short periods of time as well as in her activity center and she seems to like both. She has rolled from her belly to her back and seems super close to rolling from back to belly so we have opted to keep her arms out of the swaddle at night time. Currently the plan is to wait until 6 months to start solid foods so there is no change there and she has also been doing pretty well at daycare. Sometimes she doesn't get in a super long nap, but every once in a while she does. We thought for sure she had teeth coming in because she has been drooling like crazy but we haven't seen any proof yet! I would not be surprised to see one pop in soon, though!

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