Friday, January 9, 2015

Toddler Talk

It's been a while since I posted some funny things that Everly has been saying lately so here is a cute picture of her before school this morning and some funny conversations...

-Talking about lunch on the drive to school...

Me: Everly what are you having for lunch today?
Ev: I don't know.
Me: Remember, a sandwich?
Ev: No what's it called?
Me: A sandwich.
Ev: No! What's it called?
Me: Oh, a bologna sandwich.
Ev: Yea, like Tony Bologna.

-Talking to her about her day after school. The transition has been tough at times and you want them to have fun so this was sweet...

Me: Did you take a nap at school?
Everly: Yea with Cassie. (I have no idea who Cassie is)
Me: Is Cassie your friend?
Everly: Yea.

-Everly playing her piano that she got for Christmas...

Ev: My musical is so proud.

-And lately with everything that I tell her, it becomes a secret. We will be talking on the phone with my mom and I will say, "Everly, tell Grandma where we are going this weekend." She says, "No! It's a secret."

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