Monday, January 12, 2015

Children's Museum of Phoenix

Last week I picked up a culture pass at the library for the Children's Museum of Phoenix so that I could take the girls for free on the weekend (saved me $22)! We got there around 9:45 and it wasn't too busy. It definitely took a lot of planning on my part, however. I had to wear Aspen because it is much easier to follow Ev along without a stroller and the museum is 3 floors. I still needed to carry a wallet and essential diaper bag items but I didn't want to carry a purse or diaper bag on my shoulder and if I was wearing Aspen on the front I couldn't wear a crossbody so I totally borrowed one of Everly's little backpacks and it worked perfectly. I was a little worried about her going in the big jungle gym/ treehouse/ playground without me because I was worried either she would get scared and I wouldn't be able to go up and help her or I would be ready to move on and I would not be able to get her out. It ended up working out fine and she came down on her own while I was playing with Aspen in one of the baby zones. The museum has lots of great baby areas and we will definitely go back when Aspen can crawl and sit up and enjoy them more. Everly had a lot of fun but she doesn't really interact much with other kids. She mostly just does her own thing. You would think she would interact more now that she is in preschool full time but I guess it will just take more time. Everly got to do some painting and we even snuck in a little photo booth session. It was a great morning!

IMG_3401 IMG_3407

Love how she looks up at her big sister.
Group shot!

IMG_3414 IMG_3419 IMG_3426 IMG_3421

Real into mirrors lately!

IMG_3429 IMG_3432 IMG_3433 IMG_3439

Love these two!
Good Times in a Blababooth photo booth!

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