Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Vegas 2015

I am calling this post Vegas 2015 because I don't think there will be another Vegas trip for me in 2015. I did have a lot of fun, and I am not ruling it out for sure, but yea that weekend exhausted me. I went to celebrate for a bachelorette party. Brea went with us to Vegas last December (right before I got pregnant) and I have known her since she started playing soccer with my sister in maybe middle school. She is a lot of fun so I was super happy I was able to go. I drove up with my buddy Ashley who is a bridesmaid. We had lots of snacks and were ready to get the party started. We were the last to arrive, but I would say that we made up for that in our ability to party, haha. I was definitely worried and had anxiety about being away from both my girls, but especially Aspen as she is only 4 months old and still nursing. Thankfully I didn't worry for a second about my husband taking care of them, I just missed them (I say that because I know a lot of women who don't trust their husband's to watch their kids, sadly). The first night was supposed to be more "laid-back." We went to a Teppanyaki restaurant for dinner and it was a lot of fun. I can't share a lot of the pictures from that night. If you are with a big group in Vegas, go to Musashi Japanese Steakhouse. It was a lot of fun. We had some people drop out after dinner but then we headed to a lounge in the Planet Hollywood Hotel that we were staying in. I have stayed there 4 times now and never been to this lounge but we had a lot of fun and drank way too much. The next day we laid around for most of the day. Some girls did some gambling and walking around and then I got my makeup done before we went to dinner at BurGr which is also in Planet Hollywood. As usual, the food was delicious. Saturday night we went on a club tour which started at Tryst at Wynn. Most of the girls were spent from night #1 and were in very uncomfortable shoes so they ended up leaving shortly after getting there. Ashley, one other girl, and myself were not ready to throw the towel in, haha. We hung around someone else's table and got a free drink before taking the party bus to the second stop, Drai's at the Cromwell. This is a new hotel/nightclub and so we did not know what to expect. It turned out to be super awesome. This club had everything (<---Stefan reference). Seriously though, it did. They had things falling from the ceiling, a giant disco ball, glowing batons, a huge dance floor and it opened up to a balcony with a pool. We also snagged more free drinks here from some super nice guys at a table. I like free stuff. We had so much fun here, we decided to skip the 3rd club (Tao). We stayed there until about 2:30 AM and then took a cab back to the hotel. I was not nearly as drunk this night and did not sleep as well but it was a great end to the trip. The next morning we took our time leaving and got back to Phoenix around 3:30. I gave Everly the glowing baton from Drai's and she loved it, haha. Who wouldn't?  I am glad to be back home with my girls, but I can't wait to celebrate with everyone again at the bridal shower next month and the actual wedding in March.

Chex mix for road trips is a must!
The bridesmaids and bride in their matching tanks.
That beef was like butter. So good.
Love these girls!
Dinner night #2
The bride!
IMG_3643 IMG_3650
At Tryst in the Wynn
Go there! It was so much fun!
We were all just like, this place is awesome.
Everly was happy with her souvenir! Haha.

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