Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another Baby Yancone on the way!

This past weekend we celebrated my sister with a baby shower. I have not talked much about my future niece/nephew because my sister has been pretty quiet about the whole thing so I am just taking her lead. We call the baby "Baby C" because she is waiting to find out the gender. The shower was held at a clubhouse that one of her co-workers let us use. It was perfect and even had a little kitchen. My mom and sisters did most of the work but I made some muffins and was in charge of beverages and alcohol (champagne). I was super glad Costco still had some of their giant 2 packs of Cook's from the holidays! They are the best! My sister had also set up a little display of all of her nieces and nephews after they were born and when they were still in the womb. It was cute. Her mother-in-law also came in from out of town for the shower and helped as well. My sister's ran a couple of games, we had some yummy brunch food and then my sister got to open all of the presents! One of my sister's also set up a thumbprint guestbook that was really cute. She even had a book with instructions on how to create different things with your thumbprint. I made a duck with mine and Everly's thumbprint and it was a lot of fun. It was all "fish" themed as well so everyone got to take home a little bag of Swedish fish! Everything went really well and we had a lot of fun. Now we just need that baby to come but we still have a while because my sister is not due until April!

The girls in matching outfits from Grandma which they will wear again for Valentine's Day.
The spread!
The display my sister made.
so many presents!
IMG_4018 IMG_4022
Some soccer girls and my niece's son Remi who is only 2.5 months older than Aspen.
Teddy and Everly helping their Auntie open her presents.
These two crazies eating cupcakes. They are only a couple of months apart as well and finally living in the same state !
IMG_4034 IMG_4035
The guestbook
IMG_4036 IMG_4037
Two sleeping babes.
From left to right: Aspen, Me, My older sister Kim, my pregnant younger sister Krystyn, My baby sister Katy and My Mom.

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