Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Toddler Tooth Update

So back in December, I posted here about how Everly chipped her tooth right before I went back to work. Well, last week we went in for a checkup to see how the tooth was doing. I wasn't expecting them to say "Everything looks great" but I also wasn't expecting them to tell us that her tooth needed to be pulled...and they did. We looked at X-ray's from days after the incident and updated ones and you could see the nerve damage/infection right there on the screen. There was a clear black spot under the tooth. To prevent it from hurting her adult tooth they had to pull it. Everly did great while they looked at the tooth and did the x-ray. We went back in the waiting room and debated whether or not to pull the tooth that day. Justin was taking the girls to the zoo and I just wasn't mentally prepared for that, however, if we didn't do it that day we would not have gotten an appointment until the end of the month and I didn't want her to wake up one day with tooth pain so we decided to do it. It obviously gave me a lot of anxiety, but mostly I was just sad that they were going to be messing with that smile that I love. When we went back in to the procedure room, she did not want to be back in the chair. She got upset but the doctor did a really good job of calming her back down so she could get the laughing gas. The whole process took like 10 minutes. She was chewing on cotton after but she was really fine. Justin ended up taking the girls to the zoo anyways and while she was a little moody she still had a lot of fun. She got money from the tooth fairy that night (which she wants to use to pay for a ride on the zoo carousel because Justin told her he didn't have money for it, haha). It is sad because that tooth won't grow in for another couple of years but she is not traumatized by it at all. If you ask her she will just tell you the dentist had to take her tooth out. I know that in the grand scheme of things, my children are healthy and happy and I am grateful for that, but that day sucked.

Heading in to the dentist.
IMG_4098 IMG_3978
Everly and Figaro in the waiting room and Aspen trying to steal the attention.
Pretty much the saddest thing. She was so good though.
Silly girl at the zoo. What a great Dad she has!
This was just not even a couple of hours after the procedure so obviously she is coping well.

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