Thursday, February 19, 2015

AZ Strong Beer Festival 2015

Last Saturday, we went to one of our favorite annual local events, the Strong Beer Festival, which is a part of Arizona Beer Week. This was my 3rd year going because I missed last year due to being pregnant and all. You can read about our first year going, here. I was a little nervous/anxious about being away from Aspen and pumping and dumping but it all went really well. Thankfully it was not terribly hot, either. I did great hydrating and did not feel hung over at all the next day. We had a lot of fun and I am super thankful that I received this as a Christmas gift from my sister/brother-in-law. I am also thankful to my mom/sister for helping watch my kids and drop Justin and I off and for Kirin for giving us a ride home! We had a great group this year which included Justin's aunt who recently moved back to AZ. It is always fun seeing family. My friend even got her dad to go this year and I think he is hooked now, as we all are. If you have never been, I highly recommend it! Can't wait until next year!

So many beers, so many people!
Gotta get that cold brew!
IMG_4180 IMG_4208
Justin hit it, Ashely and I didn't but she almost did!
IMG_4223 IMG_4215
Had to try the Crazy Bitch IPA and the Ponderosa IPA from Prescott is always a favorite!
Gotta cool off!
IMG_4221 IMG_4222
Somehow, I always end up with a picture of Ashley eating a sandwich and I had to get one of her with her Daaaaaaaaaad! Also, it was her birthday so extra special!
Droppin Beetz!
It wouldn't be a beer fest without an inappropriate Carly pic!
Justin after getting bummed because he thought he lost the bandana that was on his head!
such a fun day!
me and the husband on Valentine's Day at a beer festival. Wouldn't have it any other way!

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