Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Crazy Arizona Fog

We don't get a whole lot of exciting weather here in Arizona (Phoenix, atleast). It is pretty much just hot for most of the year. I don't hate it, but it is cool every once in a while to experience other things. This past Sunday, while lots of people were in town for the Super Bowl, we had the craziest fog I have ever seen. I am sure it is no big deal to people from like San Francisco, for example, but I had never experienced anything like that. I pulled out of my driveway around 5:30 Sunday morning to head to North Mountain for a hike. Immediately pulling out of the driveway I thought the street looked super creepy but I didn't yet know it was fog. Then when I went to pull out of my neighborhood and couldn't see down the street, I realized that this was not normal. The whole drive to the mountain was super weird for me. I have never driven in anything like that. I don't have fog lights on my car (if I do, I don't know how to use them). During my drive there was a completely clear patch before I headed back into the fog. I thankfully had my husband's headlamp for the hike. I couldn't take a ton of pictures because it was so dark but it was crazy. This trail is pretty quick and I pushed myself to jog a lot of it so I had actually planned to do it twice, once hard by myself, and once more relaxed with my sister and friend. Once they got here it was starting to lighten up but it actually seemed like the fog was getting thicker...or maybe we could just see it better. It is not a super high mountain but at the top of the hike we were above the fog and it was the most unexpected awesome reward. I am so glad we went hiking that morning and got to experience that. It actually stayed foggy that day until mid-morning and was definitely a weird weather day for us Arizonans!
 IMG_3886 IMG_3904
The view as I pulled out of my neighborhood and the pictures I got while it was still pretty dark.
Foggy Mountain Selfie
IMG_3915 IMG_3916
The sun starting to rise and my friend Ashley as we got ready to head back down.
such a cool view!
On our way back down as it started to lighten up outside.
One of the intersections I was stopped at on my way home. So bizarre to drive in fog!

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