Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

So I am a bad mom and didn't get a picture of the girls on Valentine's Day in their outfits. I picked them out, but Justin was the one who took them to school and then when I picked them up they were both no longer in their outfits for different bathroom related incidents. My mom had actually gotten them special matching outfits which I had them where a week before Valentine's Day, here:

Everly was wearing her shirt from last year that she still fits into and Aspen was wearing Everly's shirt from her first Valentine's Day back in 2012 which you can see her in here. I will try to put them back in those outfits before they don't fit and take a picture...but no promises! In other news, it was Everly's first year handing out Valentine's and receiving them at school. I didn't want to add to all of the candy so I found an idea from pinterest and a $3 package of bubbles and made her some cute Valentine's. I like how they turned out, although 3 year olds are not mature enough to hold a vial of bubbles without spilling sorry other parents!

IMG_4080 IMG_4081
Everly got lots of candy and tattoos and I think she had a pretty fun day at her Valentine's party at school. I can't wait until she can write her name on her own Valentine's next year! 

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