Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Visit from Grandpa

I swear, we see my Dad more now that he has moved to Michigan than when he actually lived in Arizona! Last week he was here for work so we got to see him for a bit. On Wednesday night we met him for dinner at Freddy's. I had just gone to Freddy's Friday night but I rarely turn down Freddy's and Everly loves it to so its a win-win. I am glad the girls get to see him even if it is only for short bits of time here and there. We also got to see my dad on Friday night because my sister had him over for pizza. It was so funny to watch Teddy show-off for his Grandpa. It is just interesting because I grew up close to my grandparents so I hope they can make the best of the circumstances. My dad may come back for my confirmation in a couple of weeks so we might just get lucky and get to see him again real soon!
world's happiest baby
Aspen fascinated with her Grandpa.
Everly's photography skills
Everly is obsessed with chocolate ice cream.

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