Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Blue Apron Review

A coworker of mine sent me a link to try 2 meals free from Blue Apron and I had heard lots about it before so I finally decided to do it. I am not going to lie, it was super nice to not have to meal plan/buy groceries for two nights. It was also very exciting getting the package and opening up all of the fresh ingredients. Our meals were Turkey Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and snap peas and Star Anise and Soy Glazed Cod with Gai Lan and Cashew brown rice. There were two other meals for that week that we could have chosen from. I can tell you right now, if you are picky then these meals are not for you. I know most of my siblings if not all of them would not eat these items. I don't think you have to be super adventurous but I know a lot of Americans eat very basic food. Also, I noticed a lot of the options have an Asian feel so hopefully you like that too (we do). I thought both recipes were very tasty and I think they were pretty easy for my husband to execute...but he is also a pretty good cook. I am not sure how it would have turned out if I did it. They seemed to be just about perfect portions for a family of 4. The ingredients were very fresh, although they did use a lot of packaging (adorable, too) so if you are super green you won't love that. My coworker said they provide information about recycling all of it, but I didn't see that. If I had more money, I might continue to do it a couple of nights a week, but I don't and it is pretty expensive compared to shopping for things yourself. It was nice while it lasted though!
I get excited about mail.
The instruction cards and a toddler hand who also gets excited about mail.
All the ingredients
Cod knick knacks.
Meatloaf knick knacks.
The cod. No meatloaf picture but it was also yummy!

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