Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekend in Review

Last weekend we had a lot going on but it was a good one. On Saturday morning I had soccer and after we headed to Lakeshore Learning again for a Memorial Day craft. The kids made American flags out of tongue depressors that they painted. It was cute and free! I could do with a little less fighting between Everly and Teddy but such is life. I had been craving In N Out burger for like 2 weeks so we went there for lunch after. I got home and showered before meeting my mom and sisters for some sale shopping at Francesca's with no kids. That's right, all of us girls with no kids. That is kind of a miracle especially right now since 2 of us are still nursing our babies and one is in college. It was very awesome. I got a few things on clearance and then we even had time to go to Starbuck's afterwards and sit and enjoy the time for a little longer. I honestly don't know if we have ever all done that before but it was nice and we should do it more. We took it easy Saturday night and just had Pei Wei after church. On Sunday we went to a friend's house from soccer for a Memorial Day barbecue. Justin brought his bacon potato salad and the rest of the food was delicious. So much meat! My sister and I planned to bring our girls in matching outfits and ended up also showing up in matching flip flops ourselves (unplanned). Thanks Target clearance. We played some yard games and hung out and it was nice. We had only brought Aspen because we knew Ev wanted to hang out with her boys. We didn't stay out too late because we were getting up super early for a day trip up north. I will share pics of that later because I have sooooo many. It was a great weekend!

so dang cute
Teddy can hold his own painting...Ev needed some guidance.
Kid-free clearance shopping!
Kid-free coffee drinking! (or tea or cake pop, haha)
Mae was so over it.
I'm wearing Mae in this pic. She is a bit high maintenance like Ev was in the first few months.

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Weekend in Review

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