Monday, June 1, 2015


Last Monday we took advantage of the 3-day Memorial Day weekend and took a day trip up north to visit Bearizona! We left EARLY Monday morning for the 2.5 hour drive to Williams, AZ. We met my sister as well as some family friends at the entrance. The main part of the park/attraction is that you get to drive-through the zoo and animals walk up to your car. We are Phoenix Zoo members, which I love, but this was completely different. Everly sat on my lap during the drive-through portion and we moved Aspen into Ev's front facing seat so she could enjoy it as well. You drive through at like 5mph so no one was in danger! The drive is about 20-30 min long and really neat. We saw goats, donkeys, sheep, bears, bison, and wolves. The wolves freak me out. They are just scary looking. Definitely made sure the doors were locked in their section. Once we got through the drive we parked and you can enter the walk-through area. This is where they have a cafĂ© and gift shop and walk up animal enclosures. They had beavers, otters, baby bears, and some other critters. It was great for the kids to go potty and walk around after the drive up there. After that we got on an open window bus to go through the drive-through part of the park again. This was cool because the animals come up real close as the drivers have food for them. You also learn about the park and animals from the driver which is neat too. When we got back from that we went back into the walk-through section for a bird-show before leaving the park. The birds fly super low and close to your head and I may have used a swear word because I was not prepared for that, haha. It was a quick little show which was good because the kids were getting tired and hungry. Riley actually fell asleep during the show! We took a big group picture and then headed to Flagstaff for lunch. We ate at Beaver Street Brewery before heading back to Phoenix. The weather up north was amazing and I am so glad we went. The kids had a blast and Justin and I enjoyed it a lot, too. We were definitely exhausted that night but it was worth it. I highly recommend checking it out! We took a TON of pictures but here are a few of my favorites:

Entering the Park!
IMG_7296 IMG_7292
On the left is a sheep on his hind legs giving us a show, haha.
a deer behind the Rohr van.
baby Aspen and the bears
group shot!
IMG_7315 IMG_7298 IMG_7335 IMG_7372
waiting for the baby bears to come out.
IMG_7388 IMG_7394
Dad's and their babies.
beautiful northern AZ day!
Our group took up the back of the bus!
Cam, Kim and the bird show.
IMG_7459 IMG_7460
Little besties and tattoos.
Our whole awesome group. So much fun!

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