Friday, June 5, 2015

Weekend in Review

Now that it is almost the next weekend, I am finally posting about last weekend, but hey, better late than never. Last weekend was our first real hot weekend of the summer, which is actually kind of exciting because it means the pool is getting warm. The weekend started of with a little time at home Saturday morning before I headed out for 2 soccer games. Justin met me there with the girls and we took them to the splash pad with their cousins after. I took advantage of some amazing deals at Gap and I think Everly had the most fun at the splash pad. Aspen is still not sold on the idea but it took Everly a summer to warm up as well so I'm not really surprised. We were pretty exhausted after that but got cleaned up when we got home and headed out to a graduation party. The girls got to hang out with their second cousin (I think) Remi. He is our niece's son and I can never remember the technical name for that. Anyways, it was funny to see them all interact. Aspen is still a bit sensitive but I know it is just a stage. On Sunday we used our pool for the first time this year! It was cold for the first step but once you were in it felt great because that sun was hot. We got to play with the blow-up boat the kids got from Easter from my sister and her husband. Aspen actually did pretty good in the pool, too. We area already planning on having people over for a pool day tomorrow!
Oscar and Minnie begging for Saturday morning belly rubs
Saturday morning soccer. Only a couple games left and then we wait for fall season (or play indoor).
IMG_7543 IMG_7548 IMG_7551
Everly, Remi, and Aspen
I know, I'm really white!
The stinger!
She was being such a wimp about jumping in!

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Weekend in Review

Summer is basically here and we are already in full on pool season. On Friday I had the day off so I spent some time with Aspen and took he...