Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a busy one! Well, at least Saturday was anyways. Friday night we stayed home and got ready for Saturday. We were having people over so we got some cleaning done and put Aspen in some 12 month jammies that were Everly's. She is so dang cute, that one. Saturday morning I ran a quick 4 miles since I would be missing soccer while Justin got the yard cleaned up. When I got back we finished getting the house picked up before getting ready to go. I took Aspen straight to church with me since I had to be there early and Justin took Everly to a home depot workshop before meeting us at church. For catholic confirmations you need to have a sponsor and I was lucky enough to have our good family friend Kris sponsor me. She basically watched Everly from 3 months to 3 years so we are definitely lucky to have her and her family in our lives. I met Kris at church and we took our seats. She was a great help with Aspen because I had to nurse her in the pew during mass and the mass was long as they were not only doing adult confirmations but over 100 youth first communion and confirmations. It was packed. My mom and sisters and even my Dad all made it to the mass. I know it is not a big deal to every one, but it is a big deal to me and I was glad to have their support. I had been taking classes for 5 weeks in preparation through out parish and it was nice to have them all to celebrate the sacrament with me. After church we headed home and had some hot dogs and pasta salad and played in the pool. The hot dogs were a great choice because we were all hungry and they cooked up fast. The pool was great and I think the kids had fun. We were all exhausted that evening but it was a good day. The next morning Justin headed out for a 7 mile trail run with his sister so the girls and I got bagels together after Aspen had her breakfast. I just love spending time with them and it was nice sitting down just the three of us girls. I don't know if we have ever done that before! Justin met us at the grocery store after his run and once we got home we took it real slow the rest of the afternoon. Ev and the dogs watched Lady and the Tramp before naptime. Later, I bagged up milk, Justin made some baby food for Aspen and then the girls and I made brownies. It was a good weekend filled with lots of family time!

I just wanna squeeze her all day long!
cloudy run
IMG_7712 IMG_7689
Perfect pool weather
the boat is supposed to be for the kids
bye Cammie!
Roi watching Lady and the Tramp
sunday morning with the girls
Ladies breakfast!
IMG_7739 IMG_7738
Aspen's eating keeps us busy!
Sunday night baking!

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Weekend in Review

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