Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend in Review

This past weekend started a little early for me. I had to leave work early on Friday to take Aspen to the doctor. She has another ear infection. Poor baby. She slept a lot this weekend but it still isn't completely cleared up. We stayed home Friday night and made calzones while watching the US Women's soccer team play. Saturday morning we laid around a bit and then my sister came over to go swimming with Everly. On Saturday night we took Teddy to As You Wish and then we got frozen yogurt after. While getting yogurt some fire fighters came in and Teddy asked them where their truck was so they offered to show the kids there truck. It was super nice and they were all awesome. On Sunday we got some cleaning done and I took Everly to the nearby aquatic center. It was our first time and she loved it. Can't wait to take her back. On Sunday night we went to my sister's for dinner and got the sweetest picture of all 3 girls together and Everly got more splashing time with her boys. I also made a little video from Saturday night using a new video app. Looking forward to a short-work week!

Aspen with an ear infection
IMG_8297 IMG_8259 
cuddles and pool time 

pottery painting, froyo and fire trucks
pillow pets
summer fun at the Foothills Aquatic Center
a girl and her boys
From top to bottom: Everly, Mae, and Aspen   

And here is the video from Saturday night:

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Weekend in Review

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